Serving the CSRA since 1984

Established in 1984 by Augusta native, Tison King, Data Master Computer Services has grown from writing technical documentation into a full-service computer consulting firm.

Tison has a BA degree in English from Augusta State University. She entered the computer world by writing condensed documentation and training materials for DOS, WordPerfect and Lotus in the mid 80's. Through the years, Tison and her fledgling consulting company grew to offer services for hardware purchases and repairs, software research and training, PNP networking and sophisticated Domain-controlled networks, and a full spectrum of computer troubleshooting and maintenance.

As the founder of Data Master Computer Services, Tison worked solo for the first 15 years. In 2000, Otis G. Cartledge, III joined the company as a partner. His background in accounting, data management, cabling, and electronics expanded and improved the skill set of the company. Hiis hardware skill set has expanded to an advanced level.

Data Master works with a very diversified clientele. The following represent a sampling of client types:

Small Businesses
Professional Groups
Non-Profit Organizations
Day Care Centers
Environmental Experts
Event Planners
Fast Food Franchisees
Industrial Sites
Online Distributors
Retail Merchants
Trade Contractors

Accounting Firms
Financial Advisors
Engineering Firms
Insurance Agencies
Legal Firms
Medical Practices
Real Estate Companies
Real Estate Appraisers

Civic Organizations
Community Events
Government Agencies
Government Offices
Data Master Computer Services

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