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Data Master Computer Services


Whether you need a local area network or a link to remote computers, Data Master can help. Everything from initial cabling and card installation to sophisticated, secure access to remote systems.

Custom CAT 5 ethernet cabling
Network card installation
Network protocol configuration for LAN and Internet
Setup hubs, switches, routers
Setup remote computer access


Data Master offers custom computers and servers, built to your specifications, designed to suit your needs perfectly.

Custom computer workstations
Windows Server 2016 and 2019


If it's broken, Data Master can fix it. If it's tired or slow, an upgrade may be in order. If it's too broken or too tired, we'll tell you that, too.

   Add memory
   Add a larger, faster harddrives
   Upgrade to Windows 10

Printer repairs
Replace lightening-damaged parts, such as modems, hubs, routers, and UPS batteries


Looking for an industry-specific product? Data Master will assess your needs and recommend the best software product for your task.

Accounting Platforms
Integrated Office Systems, like Office 365
Anti-Virus and Security Software
Hardware maintenance software
Remote access software and services


Data Master has a companion company for Web Services: EZ Net Commerce

For additional details:

Domain Name Registration
Web-ready Logo Design and Enhancement
Full-blown Web Sites - including Design,
    Development and Hosting

Data Master Computer Services

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